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Benefits of becoming an ANA Seguros agent

Best commission

Minimum commission of 35% regardless of sales volume.

negotiable Policy fee

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Easy Emission System

Emit a tourist policy from any device.

Competitive rates

A rate that works for you


With sales of over $30,000 USD on net paid premium, you'll receive your own website totally FREE.

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Insurance Products


Auto insurance protects you against financial loss if you have an accident.


Motorcycles can purchase a liability and legal AID policy.


Instead of covering the vehicle, any person can purchase a driver's license policy issued in the US, Canada or any other country except for Mexico. The insured can drive any vehicle and the accident will be covered.


Call center staffed with bilingual personnel working 24/7 and based in Mexico City.

Do business directly with ANA Seguros.

Prepare quotes online through your website.

Adjusters throughout México.
Easy claim support and a fast claim payment guaranteed.

Terms and General conditions

Renewals and endorsements from your office.

Insurance Coverage in Mexico is mandatory.